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At A Better Tint, we use the finest 3M Window Films to provide professional residential and commercial window tinting services. 

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Modern desert home with curved architecture, large windows, and native cacti landscape

Residential Window Tinting

We understand that a comfortable home is the key to enjoying life and protecting your furniture and possessions from fading. A Better Tint’s residential window tint will help you to do just that, while also making sure that excessive heat and glare, security and privacy are all taken care of. 

Contemporary office building with reflective blue-tinted glass windows and curved facade

Commercial Window Tinting

For commercial building owners, we offer a wide range of window tinting services that will increase the comfort of your tenants while conserving energy, and even upgrading your glass to code. Our services are designed to enhance the protection of your building from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, bomb blasts, and flying glass fragments.

At A Better Tint, we guarantee satisfaction!

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“I was so excited that I was able to get my windows in my new car before the heat of the summer. They were very timely and had a great guest waiting area with free wifi. I thought I would be there for 2 hours, so I brought work to do. I wasn’t able to finish my work because they were done much faster! They had great instructions for me to do after. At first I thought there were small bubbles in the window but I waited the time frame they suggested and everything was perfect. They assured me if there were any problems they would take care of it. I certainly would recommend them to anyone wanting there windows tinted.”

- Yvonne R

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