Auto Tint

3M Automotive Window Films are an ideal choice. Get breakthrough heat-rejection technology in a clear film and minimize the harmful effects of the sun. Learn More »

Paint Protection

Our Paint Protection Film by 3M is a tough clear Urethane film that we apply to the high-impact areas of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging debris.

Residential & Commercial

Increase comfort by reducing heat and glare with our commercial & residential window tint. We also offer outdoor and indoor solar screens, blinds, and cellular shades.

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Home/Business Tinting & Paint Protection in the Phoenix Area

Not all window tints are created equal!

Choosing the right window tint will not only improve the look of your ride, it will save you money on cooling and maintenance. Only the very best window tints can stand up to the Arizona sun and our high performance films won’t fade or turn purple. Our American-made window tint is backed by a lifetime warranty and our professional installers are certified. Trust A Better Tint with your next window tinting film package and stay cool!

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    Commercial visual tinter.
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