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Choosing the Right Window Tint for the Arizona Sun!

It might be surprising to learn that not all window tinting films are created equal. Will the window tint fade? Will the tint turn purple? Does it reject heat? Does it block harmful UV rays from the sun? These are the factors that differentiate window films and make choosing the right installer so critical. Only the very best window tints can stand up to the Arizona sun! At A Better Tint we only use the very best window tinting film. With our microthin film, you get:
  • High Performance
  • High Signal Enabling
  • High Heat Rejecting
  • High UV Protection
  • The Best Window Tint in Arizona!
Choosing the right window tint for the Arizona sun will not only improve the look of your ride, it will save you money on cooling and maintenance. Incredibly, most installers choose to use the most economical film in order to protect their bottom line. Not at A Better Tint – our certified installers only use the #1-rated American-made window tint. Backed by a lifetime warranty and with satisfaction guaranteed, trust us with your next window tinting film package and stay cool with the A Better Tint!

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