About A Better Tint

Choosing the right window tint will not only improve the look of your ride, it will save you money on cooling and maintenance.

Only the very best window tints can stand up to the Arizona sun and our high-performance films won’t fade or turn purple. Our American-made window tint is backed by a lifetime warranty and our professional installers are certified. Trust A Better Tint with your next window tinting film package and stay cool!

Precision Computer Cut Advantage System

What the Precision Computer Cut Advantage System means to you. The old fashioned way of window tinting means continual contact with your vehicle. The precision computer cut way means the majority of the prepwork is done away from the vehicle. No more razor blades being used on your vehicle reducing any chance for incidental damage. One of the biggest advantages to the Precision Computer Cut System is that every pattern is cut to exacting standards. This ensures a digitally perfect fit every time. No more light gaps or crooked edges. Stop by today and let us show you why we continue to be a leader in the window tint industry.

We provide the best window tint solutions for your
auto, home or business.

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3M Dealer
3M Dealer
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  • the visual tinter help improve your experience when choosing the type of tint you want for your vehicle.

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